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Look Me in The Eye... by Shawneigh

Is this Tom's eye? oh god I hope it is, is it wierd that i an recognize him from just that? anyway critique time, are you really twelve...

Captain America 2013l by BrianTyson

I am a huge fan of all things Marvel so I like the whole concept in general. I think it could use a little more clean-up with the lines...

Tom Hiddleston 4 by 7-Year-Bytch

3 stars for vision: i think you easily got across the subject of the portrait without a doubt but i also don't think it was a challengi...


The company was awaiting Thorin’s order, which he would not give. Rather he would watch his kin be slaughtered by the orcs. No longer would you wait, you must speak with him. Kili wanted to do the same, though you persuaded him to give you a moment alone with Thorin.

“How can you sit there, and call yourself a King, while your kinsmen are being slaughtered. I will not stand by and watch as you-” You cared for Thorin, truly, but this was not the Thorin that you had once known.

“You dare speak to me that way? After I have pardoned your disobedience of coming after my company? You should not be here at all, yet you dare to speak against me. I am your King, and you will obey me.” He stood a good bit taller than you, and under normal circumstances you would never disrespect him. But the circumstances where not normal, he was sick with power. You could see it in his eyes, the same eyes that used to make you blush whenever they would fall upon you. The same eyes that once held compassion and honor, now only held greed and lust for power.

"You are not my King. The Thorin I once knew, he was a righteous king, and I would bow before him any day. You, you are a Selfish Bastard!” Before you even processed how cruel your words had been, he struck you. He struck you hard across the face and you fell, one hand on your face, the other helping to break your fall. When you looked back up at him, he looked almost as shocked as you felt.

“….Y/N….” For a dwarfish man to strike a dwarfish woman, it was unheard of, and entirely too much for one’s heart to bear, the ultimate disgrace. “….Y/N please, wait, I-”he started as you stood, one hand still on your face.

“I hate you, Thorin Oakenshield, and I will hate you until the day that you die.” You whispered, tears forming in the corners of your eyes as you turned and ran off in the other direction, back towards the company. You steeled yourself, not wanting the company of dwarves to know what had happened.

You walked briskly through the halls of Erebor, back to where the company of men was waiting for news of your encounter. Your head held low, your eyes stinging with tears unshed, you entered. Immediately, all eyes were turned toward you, Kili was the first to speak.

“Well? What did he say?” you couldn’t answer, you just shook your head, though your whole body shook slightly. It was Fili who spoke next, placing a finger under your chin, lifting it so you were forced to look at him.

“Y/n, did he strike you?” he speaks very softly, so that only you can hear it. “Please, I won’t say anything, just tell me the truth.” You nod, tears threatening to spill over again. “Oh, fair y/n.” he wraps his arms around you, and you feel safe, until you hear the heavy footfall behind you.

“Uncle! I will not sit here while are kin our murdered, fighting our battles for us. It is not in my blood.” Kili jumps up, and Fili steps in front of you, as if to shield you from Thorin.

“No, it is not.” He turns to the rest of the company. “I have no right to ask this of any of you, but will you stand by me, and fight, one last time.” There is a collective cheer as you all follow the handsome dwarf into battle. You fight by Thorin’s side, as you always do, silently forgiving him for his earlier actions.  Your whole body aches from the weight of the heavy armor, but when Thorin calls you to fight against the head of the orcs, you gladly accept. Though you never though war could hurt so much.


“Thorin! Thorin!” You scream from behind Dwalin. You wanted to go and help him, but Dwalin held your arm.

“No lassie, he must fight this battle on his own.” Dwalin is right, but it doesn’t mean you agree. You watch from higher along the stone ruins, and oh how you regret it.

No!” you shriek as the Orc filth drove his blade into Thorin’s stomach. Dwalin, as shocked as you are, releases your arm. You scramble down the side of the ruins, calling after your king as he staggers away from the slain orc. You see him fall, and your heart shatters into a million pieces. “Thorin, Thorin please, please don’t leave me.” You hear the light footfalls of the company’s burglar behind you, and he stands just behind you murmuring something about eagles.

Thorin brings his hand to your cheek and you grasp it in your own as the tears start to fall. “Y/n, please forgive me for only saying this now, but I think I love you.”

“Thorin,” you whisper “You are forgiven, for everything, I love you so much.” His entire body seems for relaxed, as if he is perfectly happy, and you suppose he may be. You lean down and kiss him, willing your essence to pour into him, as if it were possible to save him. He kisses you back for just a moment, and closes his eyes, never to open them again. You cry, the hard sobs wracking through your body as you press your forehead to his chest. You don’t know how long you stay like that, but at some point, the company in there, minus the sons of Durin. Balin touches your shoulder, and you look around at the company, each of them showing the strain of war on their faces.

Three crudely dug graves hold the men that will soon be legends, told to young boys and girls, legendary warriors, leaders, and protectors.  Each will watch down upon all dwarfs from their places in the stars. Thorin, you hope selfishly, would be watching you more than any other. Your hand glides back to your cheek, where Thorin’s had been before, and your chest aches, a broken heart more painful than any war injury you had every known.

At the feast that night, you eat very little, electing to spend most of your time staring at the chair at the head of the table. Who would take his place? Dwalin? Balin? Glóin? Alas, no one would ever replace his spot in your heart.
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“Hey, (Y/N)?” Called Dean, forcing you to look up from your novel, “I’ve got a lead on a few Vamps about 40 miles from here. Sammy and I are going to gank them and we’ll be back before too late.”  

“Can’t I go with you? I can wait in the car and just come if you need me or something, or I can scout it out or-”

“No, absolutely not.” His voice was gruff and confident, it broached no argument. Besides, you were on temporary hunting ban. You had gotten pretty whipped by a Wendigo, broken bones in your left fore-arm, detrimental blood-loss, 49 stitches between your shoulder and  lower back, and a sore ass. Well, that last part was from Dean, he had punished you just as soon as you had been patched up. ‘One for every stitch’ he had said.

“Be careful!” You called after him.

“Don’t you worry about me, Baby Girl.” Of course you were going to worry about him. “Hold down the bunker for me okay? I’ll see you tonight.”

“Okay Daddy.” He gave you a stiff squeeze and a kiss on the forehead before heading out, you looked at the clock 9am.

11.30am: You finished your novel and made lunch.

1pm: Checked your phone, nothing.

4pm: Possibly Found a case, still nothing.

6pm: Made dinner for yourself and saved some for the boys, still nothing.

9pm: How late is ‘too late’.

11pm: They should be back.

12am: Something is wrong.

1am: Something is definitely wrong.

By 2 am you’ve packed a bag and set up your GPS to link up to Dean’s cell phone signal. You dig around in the rubbish drawer of the kitchen, searching for your keys. You hadn’t driven the mustang since you started hunting with the boys. Why the hell did the boys have so many seemingly random keys? Finally, you find the key. You sling the bag over your shoulder and head outside, tugging the tarp from the mustang. Tossing the duffle in the back, you climb in the front and lock the GPS onto the signal. Not Far, an hour away at most.

You had thought you’d be tired by now, given the time of night, but no, all the adrenaline in your system kept you more than awake. You pulled up about twenty feet behind the Impala and hopped out, dipping your knife in Dead man’s blood. You carry the knife in your good hand and a small UV light in the other (a trick you had taught the boys). Slowly, you creep around the side of what you assume was an old, abandon hotel.  It looks like it had never been occupied really; construction materials still litter the lot.

As you make your way through the desolate building, you find the first body, strung up in a shower, blood draining from now empty veins in her arms and throat. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was a Djinn. You hear a commotion above you, and immediately break into a sprint, hitting the stairs in a matter of seconds. As you reach the next floor, you take a moment to calm your breathing before kicking through the door, only to be pinned to the floor.

The knife scatters to the floor and the light rolls back into the stairwell. You twist and roll out from under the monster, feeling a painful tug in your shoulder as a few of the stitches rip out. You pull a second knife, this one just plain silver, and slash at your attacker.

“Ah shit!” he spits, having been nicked by the knife. But that sounded like-

“Dean?!” you gasp. Please let it be Dean.

“(Y/N).” He responds after a moment of quiet.

“Dean? You okay?” You hear from further down the hall. Sam. “Is it another Djinn?” You knew something was fishy with that earlier scene.

“Yeah, I’m good.” He stands up and gives you a hand up, helping you gather your equipment from the floor “(y/n) is here.”

“(y/n)?!” Sam sounds shocked, you’re sure you look shocked when he shines the bright light in your face too. “Holy Shit. What are you doing here?”

“I thought you guys were in trouble.” You answer. “It wasn’t a vamp was it? It was Djinn?”

“Yep, it’s clear now though.” Sam responds, lowering the light. “I think your shoulder’s bleeding again though.” Yeah, no shit.

“Did you drive the mustang?” dean asks, not needing an answer. “Give Sam the keys, we’ll take the impala.”

“I can drive.” You try to argue, knowing you’re going to get an earful on the way home.
“No.” Dean growls back. “You can’t.” You roll your eyes and begrudgingly toss the keys to Sam as you head back to the first floor with Dean on your heels.

Sam drives the mustang back as you sit in the back of the Impala. Dean says nothing as he re-stitches the upper part of your shoulder. “Dean, I-“

“Don’t.” He interrupts, obviously angry. Him not talking, that’s when it was really bad. The calm before the storm. The whole ride home is like that, You sitting there, staring at your lap, and dean, white knuckling the wheel, his gaze on the road the entire time. When you get back to the bunker, the mustang is already there. You both get out of the car, Dean closing the door with a noticeable amount of force. Your eyes search his face, but find nothing, so you walk into the bunker with your eyes cast downward.  Seeing as it was almost 5 am at this point you went into the bedroom, to try and get some sleep. As you get to the dresser, you hear the door click shut and lock behind you.

You turn to see Dean, his pupils dilated and his eyes following you like a predator stalking prey. “Dean?”


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Hello, I am Karizuki (Pen Name), I write requests, fan-fictions, songs, poems, character x reader, smutt, fluff, and tons of other stuff

So the final chapter/lemon of Lovely Affair was in it's final stages of editing when it got deleted.

I haven't had the moral to continue work on it and I know you guys are really excited for it.

I've final gotten enough Moral to re-start the chapter and It's coming along well.

I'm sorry you guys I've just been really busy and stressed and everything.

I hope to get it published no later than the 20th of this month.

I will also be doing a bonus Epilogue chapter because I've been so bad at publishing regularly.


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