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Look Me in The Eye... by Shawneigh

Is this Tom's eye? oh god I hope it is, is it wierd that i an recognize him from just that? anyway critique time, are you really twelve...

Captain America 2013l by BrianTyson

I am a huge fan of all things Marvel so I like the whole concept in general. I think it could use a little more clean-up with the lines...



While most kids your age where sitting at a plastic desk in some dusty high-school, you were sitting in a café across from Stark Tower with your laptop, digging around in the mainframe network of celebrity Tony Stark. Not that you minded of course, you graduated high school at the age of 15, and went straight into the business of programming and hacking. That was productive for about 7 months, when you decided it was all too easy and figured you could find a decent challenge in hacking the network of the high profile billionaire, Tony Stark. You had made it through his main firewall easily enough, and the 6 other network defense systems to make it into the main frame, in a little over an hour. As you buried yourself in lines of code, you recognized the sound of people coming and going from the café but barely acknowledged anyone.

                       6232:           <Access Network: <Network Locked> <Key: ************>>

                There it was, buried under 6 thousand lines of code, the access key. All You had to do know was reset the key and you would be in. ‘:Clear Key:’ ‘Input Key: _’ The line flashed as it waited for you to set up a new password. ‘:Input Key: Password_’ You decided not to make it too difficult, he’d surely figure it out and get back into his network after a few tries. You weren’t trying to destroy his network after all, simply do a little bit of digging. Now you were good to go. Network_Connect> Add_Network> STARK_JARVIS_MAIN> Secure_Network. You hit enter, waiting for your connection to finalize while, unbeknownst to you, a panic was beginning on the upper floors of the tower.
“Mr.Stark, It appears that there is a breach in the main network.” Jarvis Alerted Tony.

“That’s impossible, there’s so much defense, they’d literally have to wire straight into the server upstairs.” Tony Started, setting down his welding tools and pulling his mask off. “Who’s on the network?”

“IP Adresses: 1-9823-7762, Pepper Pots; 3-9921-8862, Mark 32; 4-7119-6623, Unknown. Sir, should I ban the address?” Tony was suddenly very alert.

“No, trace the signal and track their actions. Tell me exactly what they do.”
You wandered through the network, accessing the files of “Tony’s Computer”. You scrolled through, opening basic files and glancing over them, Images, Music, Videos, Documents, and then To the Desktop Folder. Among those, the first to catch your eye was a file labelled ‘Suit Design’. You opened to file, being faced with a mass of file from Mark V to Mark XXI and IRON PATRIOT IV.  You opened a few of the files glancing over beautifully detailed blueprints for the coveted Iron Man suits. You screenshotted a few as well, for personal use, you told yourself.
“Jarvis, get the Director on the Line, Archive the User data.” Tony knew the dangers of those suits, should they fall into the wrong hands.

“Unable to access user data sir, their connection appears to be one way. Located Signal Origin; Field’s Café.” Tony Cursed under his breath, he couldn’t do anything without the Director’s approval, not in a civilian location

“Stark, this better be Important.” The Large Workshop monitor buzzed with the fuzzy image of the director.

You were still drooling over the suits when a black armored truck, pulled up in front of the Café. You noticed, as did many other people. Men and women glanced around nervously, some stuffing phones back into their bags, others, like you, who were on laptops, clicked speedily, closing tabs, clearing history, exedra. You power down your device, tucking it discreetly into your messenger bag. You pull out your phone, opening Tumblr and scrolling through your feed as men filed out of truck. They filed into the café, some with guns, and stood post at each of the doors and windows. After a short signal from one of the men  a dark skinned man, in a long trench coat, stepped out of the back of armored truck.

The Director, you had seen him on television after the Invasion of New York. He Entered the small building, flanked by another guard and none other than Tony Stark, who was busily tapping at a tablet. “We will be seizing all electronic devices for a few minutes to confirm IP addresses, please refrain from talking or moving.” The Director stated flatly. You handed your phone to tony as he came around, trying to play it cool.

“You’re like, that billionaire, right?” You asked, playing dumb. He ignored you, checking your Phone’s IP.  “So like, what’s going on?”

“Something far above your intellectual comprehension.” He sniped.

“The hell is that supposed to mean?” You hissed. “I’ll have you know-“

“I Said QUIET.” Bellowed the Director, tony handed your phone back with a glare and moved on. You let out a breath that you didn’t realize you were holding. You sat quietly, waiting anxiously as they checked everyone else’s devices.

“It’s not here.” Tony said to the Director in a Hushed voice. “I had Jarvis watching the place, no one left.”

“No one leaves until we find what we’re looking for.” There was a collective groan as he said this. “It will be much easier if you admit to the crime, I can assure you your punishment will not be as severe as it would otherwise be.” When no one came forward, he continued his instruction. “Men, please line up against this wall here, Women will be requested to do the same in a moment. He continued to address the men as you turned to a guard behind you.

“I really need to take a piss, can I do that right now?” The man rolled his eyes. “Look it’s not that, it’s like, a female thing.”

“Fine.” He said begrudgingly. You got up and casually strolled over to the washroom.  Once inside you locked the door and searched for any possible way ought. There was a small, high, window above the toilet, it would have to do. You reached for the latch and twisted the cool metal between your fingers, slid the lower frame upward and climbed onto the ledge, lowering yourself down with your arms. Just as you touched the ground, an armed guard rounded the corner, staring for a moment before realizing what had just happened.

You took off sprinting down the dark, dirty alley way behind the building. You could hear the guard radio for reinforcements as you came out to the sidewalk, cutting a sharp right and then another. You ran for at least twelve blocks, slipping between buildings, around cars, and through crowds of people.  After you thought you were free, you turned to head home, only getting about a block or so before you felt someone’s eyes on you. You spun around, seeing no one. You waited for a moment, only to spin turn around and walk straight into a broad chested man, with dark, dirty hair.

“S-Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” You stammered backing up.

           “No, but I saw you, in fact, I was looking for you.” Before you could object, you felt a sharp pinch in the side of your neck, and he injected the contents of a small needle into you. It went dark very quickly, and after that, you don’t remember.
            All you heard was the steady beeping sound of the heart rate monitor you were connected to.  When you opened your eyes, the lights were bright, too bright, you thought. You squinted and retracted from the florescent lighting. “Well, look who’s finally awake.” It was the same voice from earlier. You look about, trying to determine where it came from. It was him, same bulky sweatshirt and everything. You grimaced.

            “Look if this is about the thing with Stark, it was just a little joke, no harm done, right?” you didn’t want to go to prison for this.

            “It is about your little stunt, but not in the way you think.” He pauses for a moment. “My employers wish to speak with you, about a job.”

            “Your employers? Stark? Whoever the hell he was with when he busted into the café?” you could have sworn he laughed at you, but you were too busy pulling of the heart rate monitor and kicking the sheets off your legs to really care.

            “Quite the opposite actually.” You were surprised that he made no move to stop you from getting up.

            “Stop being so damn cryptic and tell me whatever the hell it is you want to tell me so I can say ‘no’ and leave already.” You snip, grabbing your bags from a table across the room and pulling them over your shoulder.

            “I’m afraid you don’t quite have a choice.” This voice was shrouded by a thick Russian accent, and it came from a much older looking man who had just entered the room. He had a thick binder tucked under one arm, though he extended the other hand for you to shake, you refused, of course. “My name is Aleksander Lukin, I am the successor of Arnim Zola, and this is my associate, the Winter Soldier.”

"Yeah great, can I go now?" You roll your eyes, talk about narcissistic.

"No. You're going to do some work for us, decrypt a few files that we've recovered. Unfortunately they contain sensitive data and are encrypted with some sort of software that will destroy the files or trigger some sort malware attack should you mess up."  He speaks calmly and with a slight smirk, and you hate him even more. "My associate will show you to your work space, should you need anything, just say so, and remember, we're watching." 

"What if I say no?" You spit.

"Then I'll break your skinny little neck." Replied the soldier.

So that was it, and for the next 13 consecutive hours you sit alone and work on decrypting the files. When you finally decide your file is ready to run, you activate it, only for it to get to 72% before emitting an ear splitting screech. You jump so violently that your chair tips back and you crash onto the floor. You jump up and hit the mute button pointlessly. Rather than an electronic sound, the sound was coming from the machine whirring itself to bits. You panic, reaching your hand into the machine to grab the fan bit, which effectively slices your palm open, you shriek, but reach back in and this time grab the fan, managing to hold it still. You gawk at the machine, in which you notice a small blue, macro input, you tear it out and immediately the noise stops.
Your file, astoundingly, continues to run, the mainframe of the computer seemingly undamaged. Until it reaches one hundred percent, then new windows start opening: medical records, experiments sheets, gruesome images, black and white pictures scans of documents stamped "failure" others  with "classified". You clicked through them for a minute, landing on a sepia photo of a man, similar to the Soldier that had led you there.

"Congratulations, you've completed your task, unfortunately, you've seen to much for us to allow you to leave. Soldier!" He calls. " Take miss (y/n) to her holding cell."
Hacker (Winter Soldier/Reader)
Another piece that I finished up pretty quickly just so that I could post it, it's been in my scraps for a while but figured I should do something with it.
For the past few hours you'd been sitting amongst the other industry folks that had been part of the show, in which you had worked as a techie.  After the final performance of Shakespeare's Coriolanus, the entire company had taken over the top floor of a local dive. Though you had never really been one for crowds, you sat quietly and listened to the stories being told. You laughed as appropriate, and tried to seem interested in what was being said. Honestly, you weren't  really listening and almost missed your name in the conversation.

"Sorry? What was that?" You ask apologetically, tuning in to the exchange.

"i said congratulations, on an amazing show. You did an astounding job." It was the actor who played Coriolanus, Mr. Hiddleston as you knew him.

"Thank you Mr. Hiddleston, but really I didn't do much at all, all the talent comes from you lot." You responded trying to avert the attention away from yourself. 

"Please Darling, call me Tom." He smiled genuinely, inspiring a slight blush on your cheeks. Before you got a chance to respond someone else called him away for a moment. After another thirty minutes or so, you decided that you need another drink.

 As the night went on, and you continued to drink, your started to loosen up. You laughed louder, smiled brighter and spoke more often.

"Tom, Tom!" You call, as you see him wandering back across the room. "Come 'ere, you've got to 'ear Mark's story. It's hysterical." 

"Ah, It's not even that good." Mark shrugs, though he tells the story again and you laugh, Tom laughs politely beside you. "Now if you don't mind, it's late and I've got to go home." 

While Tom said goodnight to Mark, you grab another drink. You've barely had a chance to have sip when Tom grabs the drink away from you. "Hey!" You cry, grabbing at it, though he easily lifts it out of your reach. He grabs your wrist and tows you to the emergency stairwell. 

"How much have you had to drink?" Tom demands, towering a good 8 inches over you. Normally he would have intimidated you, but the alcohol was making it hard to control your tongue.

"I don't see how that's any of your business." You retort, with a roll of your eyes, and for a moment he seems shocked by your defiance. As if it where uncommon that anyone spoke to him that way, and you suspect that it may have been.

"That mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble if you don't shut it right quick." He practically growls, his normally smooth voice replaced by a rough, deep sound. You roll your eyes, but at the same time, the inflection behind his voice aroused you more than you'd like up admit. 

"Oh yeah? Make me!" You challenge, not expecting him to interpret it literally. He grips your hip slamming you backward into the wall. You gasp, and he takes that as an invitation, slamming his lips into yours. His kiss is fierce, angry, and electric. It leaves you breathless, too shocked to kiss him back and stunned beyond words.out 

He pulls back, breathing heavily. You stand, wide eyed, speechless, and still leaning against the wall, when, after what seemed like an eternity, he speaks. "I'm sorry, I don't know what-- what it is about you, that just makes my brain go haywire."

"Why are you apologizing?" You blush, the thought of such a gorgeous man, being infatuated with you.

"I thought-- you didn't kiss back, so I assumed you didn't like it." He rubs the back off his neck, embarrassed.

"Kiss me again." You say quietly. And he does, he kisses you more softly this time, and you kiss back, nipping at his bottom lip.

"Play nice, kitten." He murmurs, smirking as he slides his lips down your throat, over your collar bone. He nips your throat, eliciting a whimper from you.

"To~om" you moan. Half-heartedly trying to push him away, "We can't...shouldn't." 

"Ah, you're right, we don't even know each other, and you're too inebriated to consent anyway." He sighs, running a large hand through his gorgeous, curly hair.

"Tom, honestly, I'm not even really that drunk." You object, giggling. He smiled gently, holding open the door for you to go back inside. You enter the bar and it seems that no one noticed your absence, nor had they seen you enter. You wait for Tom, who leads you downstairs and outside the bar.then he leans down to whisper in your ear.

"Give me your phone." He purred, which you did without question. He smiled at your compliance. "Good girl." He murmurs, inviting another blush onto your cheeks. He enters his information as a new contact and hands it back to you as he hails a cab. "Text me when you get home, let me know that you've gotten there safely." You nod as you get in the cab, reciting your address to the driver. Tom watches as the cab pulls away and you wave gently an you round the corner.


your head aches, pounding distractingly when you try to sit up. You rub your eyes, groaning to yourself. The pounding sounds again and you realize that it's coming from the door rather than your head. You groan for your roommate, asking her to get it, but she must have already gone for the day. You go to answer the door, wondering who decided to swing by at 9:30 in the morning with your bed head, wearing the same shirt you where last night. Sometime before you had passed out you had managed to pull off the pants you had been wearing, thought your shirt was mostly long enough to cover you.

"Hello?" You yawn as you open the door, getting knocked back as the visitor pushes their way inside.

"Do you know how worried I was?" He asks, stalking toward you. "What did I ask you too do? Hmm." You match each of his forward steps with a backward one. "Is it that difficult to send one measly little text?"

You gasp as you stumble backward into a small side table. "Tom, Tom, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to worry you, I was so tired, I-I don't even remember much of last night."

He stills, "What do you remember?" He offers you a hand, helping you up. 

"I-I remember talking with Mark for a long time, and discussing a costuming job with Olivia. She wants me to help her with her screen play." You blush, remembering what happened in the stairwell.

"That's it?" He presses. "That's all you remember?" You bite your lip subconsciously as you nod. "Really?" You nod again. He takes your chin and forces you to look him in the eyes. "You're lying."

"I don't know what you're talking about." You say, but it comes out as more of a whisper.

"Oh I think you do. You know exactly what I'm talking about. The stairwell (y/n)." You refuse to look at him,, eyes cast to the ground."(y/n)" he says, softly. "I'm not angry, okay? But I do want to talk to you."

"Um, oh, okay." You agree with a soft sigh. "Do you want a cup of tea or something? I'm going to get one for myself if that's alright. And get dressed as well."

"I would love one, thank you darling."


You dressed quickly in a pair of flowery white shorts and a loose fitting tank top, opting to pull on a long knitted cardigan. then ran a brush quickly through your hair, rolled on some deodorant, and brushed your teeth. You made your way quickly to the kitchen, setting the kettle on the stove top boil. 

"Alright the tea will be just a moment." You announced, returning to the living room, where Tom had seated himself in your burgundy leather bishop chair. You couldn't help but think how predatory he looked as his eyes roamed your body. "Tom? Did you hear me? I said the tea-"

"I heard you." He interrupted, adjusting his posture so his legs where spread sinfully wide and his torso resting lazily back against the leather. Part of your mind wanted you to drop to your knees and settle yourself between his thighs. The more logical part, however, told you to stop staring and act like an industry professional. "Do you like the view, pet?" To late.

"Sorry, I-I didn't mean to- to be rude." You stutter, tripping over your own words. "I just- just-" the whistling of the tea kettle saves you from further embarrassment as you excuse yourself to retrieve the tea. "How do you take it?"

"A little bit of sugar please." He responds from the adjacent room.

"Right, here you are." You say, trying to keep your hand from shaking as you pass him the saucer.

"Thank you darling." He says as you sit, cross legged, on the sofa. "So, last night, or, very early this morning I suppose." You look down nervously. "I suppose you want an explanation, or an apology."

"You don't have to apologize to me, Tom." You blush, remembering the sharp pressure of his lips on yours.

"Than at least let me explain myself." He sighs, interpreting your silence as a que to continue. "The first time I met you, at the fitting, you barely touched me, but God, when you did it was electric. I wanted nothing more than to tie up those gorgeous, soft hands and to bury myself deep inside you." The muscles in your lower belly contract, and you shift awkwardly. "You looked so innocent, you still do, I had a feeling you'd make a great submissive." He looked up to meet your eyes, and you looked away immediately.

"How does that explain last night?" You ask, your voice much smaller than you had expected.

"When you where drunk, I could stop thinking about how, if you where mine, I would punish you." Punish you. The way he said that made your core ache"I had to get you alone, I needed an excuse to talk to you. To be honest, I thought about asking you to submit to me." He was going to take advantage of you? "But, I realised that you couldn't give me consent. When you retorted so devilishly, I couldn't help myself, I had to find out what you would do."

"And?" You press.

"And what? That's it."

"What did you find out?" You prompt.

"That you exceeded my expectations. I knew I couldn't have you, not then, but I also knew if I let you hang around, I'd do something i might regret." He set his cup down on the coffee table. 

"And what makes you think that you can have me now?" You raise an eyebrow, only half teasing.

"Oh darling, don't even start that." He stands, straightening his suit and moving toward you in a foreboding manor. "You want someone to put you in your place."

"Tom-" you practically whimper

"You want someone to punish you, spank your little ass until it's cherry red. You want that don't you? And You want to be used, humiliated, and teased."

"Tom-" you groan, louder this time.

"So what do you say, my gorgeous little slut." He leans over you where you are seated on the couch, sliding his larger, rough hands up the outside of your thighs, immediately prompting your slender fingers to rest atop his own. "Will you submit to your Master?" His breath is hot on your lips, foreheads pressed together

"Tom." You gasp, "God Yes." He raises an eyebrow, waiting for something more. "I submit t-to you M-master." You're forced to bite back a moan as he slides a knee between your legs, grinding it pleasantly against your aching cunt.

"Good girl." He grins devilishly, laying a sharp slap on your upper thigh. You jump, startled by his unprecedented advance. "Now, what do you say we go out a get some breakfast, darling?" He suggest, backing off of you as quickly as he had advanced.

"W-what?!" You gasp, leaping to your feet quickly and he chuckles.. "My God you're a tease." You pout, though you start giggling as well.

"Well what where you expecting darling? It's barely even ten in the morning. Come on darling." He smiles, offering his hand to you. "We'll discuss some of the details as well."

"Details?" You ask, surely it can't be that complicated. 

"Yes darling, details. It's not very complicated, but we really must establish some rules." You scrunch up your face. Rules? Perhaps this was more complicated that you thought. Tom's low chuckle breaks your focus. " Have you ever done anything like this before?" 

"Well- no but I've read about it, and I've heard plenty about it from friends who- uh- participate." You look at your feet, too incredibly embarrassed to even look at him. His hand comes you rest between your shoulder blades as the two of you exit your flat. "Hey how did you know where I live anyway?" Suddenly a bit of logic returns to you. 

"I heard you tell it to the cabbie, and I never would have needed it if you had just texted me like you where supposed to-"

"I said I was sorry!" You interrupt, looking up at him in disbelief, only to notice him looking down at you in disapproval. "Right, sorry, what whether you saying?"

"But if you had, I wouldn't have had any reason to come over so abruptly, which means I wouldn't have gotten to see you in those cute little knickers of yours." You look down again. Shit. You didn't even think about that, but he was right, you where only wearing your shirt and the knickers when you answered the door.

"Pervert." You mumble, jokingly. And he raises a sharp eyebrow.

"You didn't seem to mind last night, or this morning really." He points out the obvious discrediting facts, enjoying the playful banter.

"I was drunk last night." You argue half-heartedly.

"That's not what you said then." He tilts his head playfully.

"Of course it's not, I wasn't going to admit that I was drunk. Certainly not to some stuck up, A list actor." Once you say it, you realize it may have been to far.

"Do you think so?" He says says, still with a hint of teasing, which is a relief to you.

"Yes actually, he thinks he's all that just because he writes a popular BBC show. Damn mark, he's just so.... Ugh!" By now, the man next to you had started laughing earnestly. "Oh and you were there to." You add cheekily. He smiles at you but what you notice is how honestly happy his eyes are. It makes you feel light, being able to bring some happiness into someone's life.

Mr.Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston/reader)
I've not posted at all lately I'm going to post a lot more soon and maybe I'll turn one into a series.


Karizuki's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, I am Karizuki (Pen Name), I write requests, fan-fictions, songs, poems, character x reader, smutt, fluff, and tons of other stuff

So the final chapter/lemon of Lovely Affair was in it's final stages of editing when it got deleted.

I haven't had the moral to continue work on it and I know you guys are really excited for it.

I've final gotten enough Moral to re-start the chapter and It's coming along well.

I'm sorry you guys I've just been really busy and stressed and everything.

I hope to get it published no later than the 20th of this month.

I will also be doing a bonus Epilogue chapter because I've been so bad at publishing regularly.


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